The Wall Jumper (5m x 11m)
The Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin, 1989

The Mover (8m x 9m)
front of the Museum Art Hotel opposit Te Papa National Museum,Wellington, 2010

Mural at Auckland Art Collector's

 A la Rousseau (4m x 11m)
Museum Art Hotel, Wellington, 2010


The Open Sea Path (2,50m x 5m)
Upper Cuba Street,
Wellington, 2011

Arc de Triomphe
Old Dominion Post Building
Wellington, 2011

The World Jumper (2,40m x 2,42m)
Suite Gallery, Wellington, 2010

Human Potential
(2,20m x 2,40m) mural on boards
for i-lign IT Company
Anvil House, Wellington, 2012